It is with tremendous pleasure and sincere gratitude that I have the opportunity to endorse Tim Pfahler and Superior Performance Aviation for aviation training I have received.  The training has proven invaluable to my success with the United States Forest Service and continued growth as an aviation professional.

Tim's tremendous knowledge, experience and expertise provided the foundation of my instruction.  He tailored a unique academic and flight training program based on my then current expertise and necessary requirements fundamental to Forest Service standards, procedures and policies.  Further, he infused necessary FAA and safety management instruction to fully broaden my educational experience.

His extremely professional ground and flight instruction enabled me to effectively and efficiently achieve clearly defined academic and flight training goals.  Coursework was professionally presented, clearly understood, and absolutely enjoyable.  He truly enhanced my knowledge well beyond curriculum and flight training objectives.

Tim's talent as a flight instructor was truly exceptional.  He skillfully integrated and reinforced academic concepts through practical flight application.  Such examples included risk identification and mitigation, crew resource management, and a broad spectrum of unique natural resource aviation challenges utilized to safety enhance my expertise and successfully attain training standards.

In summary, I sincerely recommend Tim Pfahler and Superior Performance Aviation as an outstanding aviation training resource.  I truly enjoyed the professionalism, tailored course curriculum, strict adherence to flight safety and standards as well as tremendous knowledge and depth of experience.


William M. Sloan
Major, USMC (Retired)
US Naval Test Pilot
National Helicopter Inspection Pilot

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