"No matter what level of mountain flying experience you may have attained, Tim Pfahler of Superior Performance Natural Resource Aviation Consulting, Inc.’s, Mountain Flying training course will take you to a new degree of safety and understanding of the mountainous terrain. Tim’s Vertical Reference course is second to none. Whether you are an experienced long-line pilot or have never carried a load under a helicopter, Tim’s expert instruction is tailored to any pilot’s ability. When you are training with Tim you are performing real-life missions in your helicopter. Tim’s life long experience with helicopters teaches you how to perform these tough jobs with every precautionary measure in place. You are never tested beyond your limits, yet are challenged to excel in your performance, and know you are SAFE the entire time. I hope Tim’s schedule will allow him to not only continue to train me on a regular basis, but also any pilot I put on the line or recommend for helicopter rating. When you fly a helicopter, you are putting your life on the line, especially when you fly in the mountains or are doing long-line work. Expert training is mandatory. I must say that the level of training I receive from Tim is nothing less than excellent. A characteristic that stands out for me is his ability to make you feel at ease in life threatening situations. In the long run, Tim’s training will not only save money, it will SAVE LIVES!"

- William W. Galt -
Galt Ranch Aviation, LLC
White Sulphur Springs, MT



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